Pre purchase Building and Pest Report

  • Our reports will ensure you’re fully aware of the condition of the property
  • Our Building Inspectors are highly skilled
  • Complete coverage from the roof void to the sub-floor areas
  • Our inspections cover all physically accessible areas
  • If we cannot access it safely, we do not inspect it

A pre-purchase building inspection is a critical investment prior to any home, commercial building or investment property purchase.

A pre-purchase building inspection will give you peace of mind that you are not buying a property with unforeseen or insurmountable problems. With the benefit of expert knowledge, you can assess and adjust your budget for the purchase or proposed renovations and have a powerful tool to negotiate a better deal with the vendor or agent.

The Report will:

  • Assess the overall state of repair of the property
  • Identify any significant building defects or issues
  • Provide supporting photographic evidence of any areas of concern
  • Provide estimated costs to rectify, repair or maintain the areas of concern
    this will cost $240 over and above our Building & Pest Report.

All inspections are carried out in accordance with Australian Standards AS4349.

By obtaining a pre-purchase inspection report you may be able to:

  • Avoid or withdraw from the purchase of a building with defects
  • Negotiate a better sale price or leasing deal based on estimated cost of rectifying defects
  • Plan and budget for any major maintenance works or upkeep of the building
  • Be confident when buying an investment property without seeing it e.g. from the internet, in another state etc

The most likely areas for building defects are often overlooked by potential purchasers, or are not made accessible to them. While a building may appear to be in good condition on initial inspection, many potential problems or defects are hidden under the floor or above your head.

What does the report cover?

We will inspect the roof void, the sub-floor as well as the entire building externally and internally to check for defects such as:

  • Rising damp
  • Shower leaks (showers are flood tested)
  • Timber decay or termite damage
  • Structural cracking in external brickwork and internal walls
  • Condition of roof tiles/iron roofing/skylights
  • Sub-floor ventilation and drainage

The Pre-Purchase Pest Report investigates any building materials where pest or termites may be present. The building inspector will access and examine all areas of the building and will identify any protection systems in place and their current condition. This includes:

  • Sub-floor
  • Roof voids
  • Internal rooms and walls
  • External areas of the house within the property’s boundary

The report will cover:

  • Any termite activity past or present
  • Previous or existing termite treatments
  • Damage or decay in materials
  • Existence and efficiency of sub-floor ventilation
  • Recommendations to help prevent future termite attack

It is strongly advised that a pest inspection be carried out with a Building Inspection so any termite damage that is detected can be checked to determine if repairs are required.

All inspection are carried out to Australian Standards.

Please download our sample report for further details

We use the following tools to assess your building so we can produce the required reports as commissioned:

  • Digital Camera
  • Digital Level
  • Flash Light
  • 2.4 Metre Step Ladder
  • And Years of Experience
In addition to areas noted in the report which cannot be accessed, there are areas that we are in general unable to inspect or comment on:

  • Floor Coverings – we will not lift carpets without obtaining your written instructions prior to the inspection date.
  • Wall & Ceiling Linings – We cannot see behind them nor can we comment on the condition of anything behind them.
  • Furniture or Stored Items Obstructing Access – we do not move furniture or belongings within the property.
  • Sub-Floor Areas – If an inspector cannot fit below the floor structure or if there is no access to the sub-floor area, we cannot comment nor report on these areas.
  • Second Storey Roof – If you require the inspector to examine a second storey (or higher) roof, you will need to make prior arrangements for safe working conditions in relation to working at heights with harnesses or scaffolding to meet Australian Standards.

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