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In some cases, reports are not complete or are being completed/updated at the time when you are placing this order. Should your order be received, and the report is not complete, the report will be fast tracked through our system and released to you within 24 hours or up a maximum of 2 business days from the date of this order being confirmed. *

SPECIAL DISCLAIMER: The initial report that you are considering to buy may have been commissioned by the vendor/real estate agent or another interested buyer. Any purchaser who is considering to purchase a copy of this report via downloading it from our website understands and agrees with the Pre-Inspection Agreement that exists between the original commissioning party and The Property Inspectors. This document can be found on our website on our Terms & Conditions page which is accessible on the bottom of each page. The document we are referring to is titled Pre-Inspection Agreement & Responsibility of a Buyer / Vendor & Inspector. You are recommended to review this Pre-Inspection Agreement & Responsibility of a Buyer / Vendor & Inspector document before proceeding to download a copy of this report, as it outlines responsibilities and limitations by all parties involved. Once you have reviewed this document and if you have any concerns or items that you do not agree with do not download this report as it is deemed that you are agreeing with the limitations of our inspectors and that you understand the condition of the property and limitations within the property at the time of our inspection may not have been ideal subject to the way the property was provided to us to inspect within the initial order and you are agreeing to buy a copy of that report with the limitations of that property on the day of our inspection. Should you choose to proceed to download a copy of this report you inherit the conditions of the property and the access available on the day of the inspection. *

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