Pre-Purchase Pest Report

  • Pre-Purchase Pest Report
  • Pre-Purchase Pest Report

The Pre-Purchase Pest Report investigates any building materials where pest or termites may be present. The building inspector will access and examine all areas of the building and will identify any protection systems in place and their current condition. This includes:

  • Sub-floor
  • Roof voids
  • Internal rooms and walls
  • External areas of the house within the property‚Äôs boundary

The report will cover:

  • Any termite activity past or present
  • Previous or existing termite treatments
  • Damage or decay in materials
  • Existence and efficiency of sub-floor ventilation
  • Recommendations to help prevent future termite attacks

    It is strongly advised that a pest inspection be carried out with a Building Inspection so any termite damage that is detected can be checked to determine if repairs are required.All inspections are carried out to Australian Standards.

    Please download our sample report for further details

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